Bracketology (brack/et/ol/o/gy) noun: The process of choosing and predicting which participants of a tournament will win individual games within the tournament as well as the tournament itself. Typically used in sports tournaments, namely NCAA March Madness college basketball tournaments to increase fans’ engagement with the tournament.

Bracketology has become a phenomenon in the American culture, even being called “our great national pastime” by President Barack Obama. Bracketology has grown in popularity through the generations and enhanced in complexity and interest alongside technology, from paper copies brackets to creative digital brackets for more than just sports tournaments.

Votion helps you create those digital brackets that follow your lead. So you can stretch bracketology past it’s constraining definition that exists only in the world of sports and into the world of digital marketing. A marketer can bend the Votion platform to their needs by making an interactive customer experience, gaining focused customer sentiment while engaging and entertaining their new and existing customer base.

Whether you want to create your own digital NCAA March Madness bracket or fit the definition of bracketology to your marketing needs, Votion’s blog is here with all the information and advice you need to find success. If you’re a newbie and need some help understanding just about everything, don’t panic just check out A Hitchhiker’s Guide to March Madness Bracket Terms. Or if you are looking for brackets to revolutionize your marketing strategy, we have a few ideas up our sleeve with 3 Ideas For A Marketing March Madness Campaign. Not enough to ramp up your inner creative bracketing genius? Votion’s got more ideas with Brackets Are For More Than March Madness or you can take a look at what other brands are doing with Our Favorite Bracket Marketing Campaigns from 2016.

This is the world of Bracketology and it’s right in front of you. In this big, crazy world of revolving numbers, experts, analytics, and rounds and rounds of different games and battles is the Votion platform. With the help of Votion you will be guided through the toughest complexities and over the biggest road bumps. So go ahead, jump in head first. We’re waiting for you.

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